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About Us

Summer's Candles was founded in September of 2014. The idea came about when I was looking for a second job and couldn't find one. I am a happily divorced woman with a now 19 year old daughter who is in her first year of college. 

I brought the idea up of starting my own business to my daughter and she was all for it. We just couldn't decide on the type of business we wanted to open. Then came the idea of making candles, I had no idea how to make candles, I knew I liked them and I always reused the small glass containers the candles came in for small votive's. I wanted to make a chemical free candle that smelled awesome but in a container that was reusable. The problem I always found when buying candles in a store, they smelled good before I would light them then they would lose their scent halfway through or they didn't smell like what the label said it was. There were plenty of times I would buy candles and the wax would tunnel (burn straight down the middle) which I would then throw away a candle along with money. 

So I did my research on waxes, fragrance oils, wicks, and the first 6 months it was a lot of trial and error. I am going to be honest, I don't use a thermometer when I make my candles. I make my candles the way I cook my food, there is no recipe, I go off my senses and if it smells good and if the smell will last. All my candles are hand poured by myself, when I get new scents my daughter will give her opinion on them, some scents she doesn't like while others she loves. 

I am like you, a consumer, and believe that you shouldn't have to pay tons of money for a great product. All my candles have been tested by myself to ensure proper burning of wicks, great cold/hot scent throw. I give my guarantee that you will be getting a great smelling candle without going broke doing it. Also all candle tins are reusable, just wash them out with warm water and dry immediately then you can store snacks, paper clips, thumbtacks the ideas are endless. 



Myself and my beautiful silent partner :)



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